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When you blend awkwardness, irony, coffee, and sarcasm – alongside gastritis – you get a bit of SonoStataChiara. I hate definitions. If somebody were to ask me: «how would you describe yourself?», best-case scenario, I stutter, but I’d rather pass out on the spot. And this is why I share my feelings through my illustrations. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. I started on my room’s walls. Later on, I enrolled in a Fine Arts Academy.

That's how, when I was 19, I packed my stuff and left my beloved Palermo to move to Milan to study Fashion Design. In these nutty years, among nightlife, booze, and close encounters with the opposite sex, I explored my inner self to find out who I really am and what I'd like to become. It goes without saying, I don't have an answer yet, but I know what I want not to be, and I think of it as a breakthrough. After my bachelor's, I landed on several jobs, without ever being fulfilled enough by any of them, and with the thriving hunger to build something of mine. So I decided to create a spot where I won't be accountable to anyone but myself when I tell - perhaps too much - embarrassing stuff.

Here, I can take the liberty to share whatever is going on inside my head, talk about topics that would shock the old ladies' church club, and - why not - take care of your kooky demands.

In short, sonostatachiara?